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designer fabrics

The difference between our designer fabrics and other regular stuff is what sets apart designer wear from mass-market clothing. We pride ourselves in superior quality manufacturing standards with a higher thread count in our woven fabrics. 

The ‘Designer Fabric’ label means that the fabric is printed with a special design made particularly by or for a specific designer, or one that’s been chosen from a collection of a textile company for a given fashion house.

Asher Fabric Concepts helps small and medium-sized fashion designers to enhance their business through the provision of high-quality fabrics. Our company strives to produce high quality knit fabrics for our clients.

We have more than two decades serving our customers in the Los Angeles region and its environs. We endeavor to make all our clients are happy and satisfied with the various innovative designs developed by us. At your service is a team of highly qualified personnel in the apparel industry, and we remain committed to ensuring value for our customers’ money.

Which Products and Services Does Asher Fabric Concepts Specialize In?

Our company is led by our passion for succeeding and improving the quality of life of our customers. We offer various services that include making textiles and customizing textiles in terms of color and print design in line with our customers' specifications.

You can find a wide array of products to choose from Asher Fabric which include; the body wear products, sweater knits, intimate apparels, dress knits, among others.

What Can You Expect from Our Designer Fabrics?

We have modern machines and production units for the creation of unique products in the market. The new manufacturing plant in Vernon, California, is equipped with high-tech machines that can make micro-gauge knits.

Our company also involves all the stakeholders in the development of its products. We have a team of researchers, designers, and customer service experts who assist us in meeting our goals. We closely work with our customers and value their input in the creation of various products.

Are Innovative Designer Fabrics Available at Competitive Prices?

Our products are also offered in the market at very affordable prices. We deal with small and medium sized fabric brands and offer competitive prices that facilitate these companies to grow. Our investment in high -tech machines enable us to manufacture textiles in bulk and thus enjoy the economies of scale which is transferred to our consumers through reduced prices.

We have also diversified our production department which enables us to produce various designer fabrics for different use. We have managed to deliver products for sporting activities, casual wear, and dress knits with our creativity in the print design helping our products to stand out.

One of our innovative products that is doing well in the market is Cool Sport. The products in the Cool Sport collection are developed through the Woven Knit (W.K) technology. The machines utilizing the new technology can create fabrics that regulate the temperature.

For All Your Designer Fabrics Needs

Asher Fabrics Concepts has a research division and is always looking for innovative ways to revolutionize the apparel industry through the stages of textile production, design, and customization.

We manufacture designer fabrics for use in various outdoor and indoor activities. If you love working out and you are thinking of purchasing outdoor attire, at Asher Fabric Concepts we’ve everything you need. Contact us today on +1 323-268-1218 for your designer fabrics. 


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Luxury Fabrics

Just like there cars or houses designed for a higher class, there are also fabrics meant for luxury. While prices of a luxury fabric may depend on the demand and use cases, the rarity and quality are also important.

What are the different types of luxury fabrics?

While there are fakes out there, different types of fabric have identifiable features that make it easy to spot its quality. There is a handful of common high-class fabric to look out for.

Satin is probably one of the most popular of luxury fabrics and is one of the most versatile. It is a fabric that has smooth movement and a shiny surface, making it stand out in a crowd. It can be used for sheets, curtains, elegant dresses and is able to be manufactured by multiple fabric types.

Velvet is another popular choice for elegant dresses. It has a strong sheen and a shimmering surface that hangs elegantly. Evening wear for women is the ideal usage but it can be applied in multiple ways. You usually find velvet made from silk but there are synthetic versions as well.

Crepe is a crinkled fabric that has tightly woven threads, making it ideal for certain types of clothes. The matte face and grainy texture make is a great contrast against other luxury fabrics that are glossy. It is ideal for formal suits for work or family gatherings.

Due to the very high price, fur should be given an honorable mention. It is one of the oldest materials used for clothing in human history and is one of the best ways to retain heat. Leopard fur is the most expensive form that is collected by the rich.

What are Couture Fabrics?

Couture fabrics are used to make high-fashion clothing items and are made using manual labor by artisans. Designer dresses, made with custom fits and careful cutting, are made with these luxury fabrics. You will usually see these fabrics used at special events, including the likes of royalty.

Exclusive silk fabrics are one of the couture fabrics deeply embedded within the fashion industry. It usually has a variety of embroidery, effects, and crystals.

Precious metals are also a hot addition to couture fashion as it represents wealth and social status. The gold or silver may be woven into the threads, applied in the lace or accessories used in various parts of the dress. Palladium and other brilliant metals may also be used but with a more limited scope.

One of the most mainstream examples of a couture dress would be a custom-fit bridal gown. This is one of the few instances where average women have high budgets and creative licenses to create a handmade dress. Faux fur, floral patterns, crystals, and lace is commonly used to make the day even more special.

Luxury fabrics are a must-have when creating unique clothing pieces, upholstery or drapes. If you are looking for custom fabric in bulk, give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Fashion Fabrics


Asher Fabric Concepts is among the fastest growing fashion fabric companies in California and the surrounding regions. Our company has been able to expand because of the commitment of our staff members and the support of our loyal customer base.

We are grateful for the far we have come since we started the company over two decades ago. Asher Fabric Concepts is always looking for innovative techniques to improve the apparel industry. Our company has a research station that is keen on implementing any new ideas that will help in the transformation of the sector for the benefit of our consumers.

Which Production Techniques Are Utilized at Asher Fabric Concepts?

We believe that technology enables increased production. Our company has continued to accelerate the creation of quality fashion fabrics with time. Asher Fabric has taken huge strides towards increased production through the acquisition of modern machines that can spin high-quality threads for making various pieces of materials. If you are a passionate fashion designer looking for quality, you can reach out to us to find the best fashion fabrics to use in creating designer clothes for your brand.

We also work closely with various institutions in the fashion industry to create amazing designs that flatter different personalities and styles. As a fashion designer, you can visit our offices or talk with one of our company's representative who'll give you guidance on how to initiate the partnership deal.

What Can Materials from Asher Fabric Concepts Create?

If you are running a fashion enterprise, you can expect nothing less than high-quality fashion fabrics from our company. Our robust and versatile production machines can manufacture materials to suit any weather condition. In our production department, we make designer fabrics that are customized according to our customers’ specifications.

Asher Fabric is able to make different materials for different types of clothing. For instance, if you need fabric for outdoor attire, our professional designers will work round-the-clock to produce quality sportswear fabrics for you.

At Asher Fabric Concepts, we specialize in the creation of excellent quality fabrics to match different budgets and tastes. When you visit our company, you will find affordable and attractive designs for anyone and everyone. We have made the purchase of our products easier for you through the incorporation of online stores where you can log in and make your order. We have one of the best customer care departments in the region who will guide you on how to get your purchases. Our online fabric store offers competitive prices for high-quality fashion fabrics. Look out for our amazing offers which allow you to access the best possible deals in the market.

In Search of The Best Fabrics?

As a company, we are committed to enabling our customers to use some of the best brands in the market. We are dedicated to transforming the apparel industry with innovative techniques. Our mission is to penetrate the international market and make a positive impact in the world. You can reach us on +1 323-268-1218 for all your fabric needs.



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