Performance Fabric

Performance Fabric

If you want to disregard appearance and need something for real-life performance, there are fabrics designed for practical purposes. Performance fabrics vary between industries and is mostly a broad definition for fabrics that have special properties. If you buy clothing for certain jobs or activities, it probably uses some time of fabric to fit that purpose.

What are value-added textiles?

Performance fabrics may alternatively be referred to as value-added textiles. Instead of aesthetics, these textiles have properties added for endurance or performance. In terms of clothing, sportswear or hiking gear will often have this kind of fabric.

Smart clothing is a growing trend and goes hand-in-hand with performance fabrics. With the term “smart fabrics” being thrown around, they are being marketed for practical purposes that go beyond standard clothing. Different types of textiles are used based on the advantages of their properties.

Wool is great for smart clothing that needs to keep you dry and warm. If you are going on a mountain expedition, it is lightweight while being able to retain heat. This is also why it is used in socks to keep feet dry.

For working out, polyester is a common material found in sports clothing. At its roots, it is just plastic in a form that is used to make clothing. It doesn’t wrinkle, doesn’t absorb sweat and gives your body room to breath. Due to the appearance and feeling, it’s not something you see in an office or formal event.

A pricey rugged example of value-added textiles would be Cordura. The class of fabric is usually mostly nylon and is built to resist tears. A bag used for the military or construction might use this to carry heavy or irregular shaped objects. It’s also at a fraction of the weight of other heavy materials.

For preventing bacterial outbreaks, X-static is a proprietary blend of performance fabrics designed for just that. Athletic brands used in the long-term needs this so it doesn’t build up with bacterial like polyester products. It is woven with silver and other products to ward off bacteria without needing regular washes.

What is performance fabric that’s used with furniture?

Performance fabrics are commonly used with furniture like couches to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Those with rambunctious kids or pets will often find use investing in such material. The materials are natural, clean and are quite easy to clean for most kinds of messes.

Of course, there are different types of performance fabrics with different features, and there are quite broad definitions of what a performance fabric even is. The most prominent feature to look for is stain resistance against dirt, chemical pigments or certain foods. The ability to retain these properties also depends on threads being durable.

There are many types of performance fabrics to fit your daily needs with various price points. Even critical industries like law enforcement, military, construction, and manufacturing will need clothing made to outlast certain aspects of the job. If you need a custom made fabric that’s durable, give us a call.

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