Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric for your garment design is the most important part of the process. If you choose an inferior material your garment will end up being of poor quality regardless of the superiority of the design. To avoid any problems it is important to choose high quality fabrics that are created for the types of garments that you make. Sustainable fabrics are becoming more and more important to customers. When you choose eco-friendly fabrics you will be on the cutting edge of current fashion trends.

What Are Sustainable Fabrics?

Sustainable fabrics are materials that offer environmental benefits that help to protect the environment. They are made using environmentally friendly resources that may include sustainably grown natural fibers and materials that are recycled. They are also easily recyclable themselves. Once a garment is no longer needed it can be recycled. This adds to the sustainability of the material.

In addition, these fabrics are also made using eco-friendly methods. This means that the method of manufacturing the textiles does not harm the environment. The use of green fabrics is becoming increasingly accepted as more consumers are looking for this type of fabric when they purchase their clothing. One of the most common uses of sustainable fabrics is for workout wear, yoga attire, t-shirts and many other similar casual garments.

What Fabrics Are Considered Eco-Friendly?

Generally sustainable fabrics are made from natural sources. Cotton is one of the most popular of the eco-friendly fabrics. Cotton is naturally absorbent and is very comfortable to wear. It can be made into many different types of clothing and is ideal for use in active wear. Cotton can be made into a variety of fabrics such as high quality 100% cotton that many people prefer over synthetic materials.

When choosing eco-friendly materials it is important to pick fabrics that are of the proper thickness for your garment. Natural materials can be dyed easily to create a number of different colors and patterns. Wearing cotton and other natural fabrics is comfortable and they are typically easy to care for by customers. Sustainable materials are perfect for making many types of sportswear for men, women and children.

Some of our fabrics that are considered eco-friendly include cotton and cotton blends, cashmere blends, angora blends, cotton modal, cotton poly, hemp blend, indigo, linen, linen blends, mercerized cotton, organic cotton, recycled materials and more. Our textiles are of high quality and are made in the United States.

At Asher Fabric Concepts (AFC) we have been providing high quality, cutting-edge materials since 1991. We specialize in “Made in the U.S.A.” knits and materials that are ideal for active wear and swimwear. We provide proprietary textiles in innovating designs and using the latest processes. We offer exceptional quality and selection and excellent customer service. In addition to our many fabric choices we are also able to create made-to-order fabrics based on your specifications. Our design team is continually updating and adding to our collection. Contact us today for all your textile needs. 



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