Swimwear Fabric

Swimwear Fabric

Swimwear fashion trends change every year. As the trends change so do the fabrics that are popular for bathing suits. Choosing swimwear fabrics is the most important part of the creation. Not only must the fabrics be fashionable but they must also be suitable for wearing in water without fading, shrinking or stretching out of shape.

What Are the Best Swimwear Fabrics?

The best swimwear fabrics are easy to care for, dry quickly and maintain their shape. Fabrics that are see-through will need to be used with lining while other fabrics are thick enough on their own. Acrylic blends, spandex and blends make ideal choices for swimwear fabrics. There are some things to consider when you pick fabrics. You will want to choose the stitch, fabric content, weight, color and print options.

Stitch is the way the fabric was made. Some common types of stitch choices are bonded, double face, French terry, interlock, jersey, knit, mesh and rib. The weight of the fabric is the thickness or density. In general, fabric suitable for swimwear ranges from 180 to 200 GSM. Fabric colors and prints are based on current fashion trends so it is best to try to stay ahead of the style when possible.

When you start with high quality material you will ensure that the bathing suit will fit properly and will maintain the proper fit during wear. The best suits are made with durable fabrics that will keep their shape even when they get wet. You will typically need to line bathing suits with another material so you can’t see through them. Lining also helps a suit maintain its shape and fit.

What Swimsuit Materials Last the Longest?

Synthetic swimwear fabrics generally last the longest without losing their color or shape. There are a variety of different materials that make good bathing suits. If you are choosing stripes it is important to keep them properly aligned. Solid color materials can be mixed and matched with prints to create beautiful and interesting bathing suit choices. Choose high quality materials because they are the most durable and reliable.

There are different fabrics that will be best for certain types of swimsuit designs. Swimsuits can stretch when they get into the water so you want to make sure to choose materials that are tightly woven. While you want some stretch you may not want too much. Materials can fade and degrade when they are exposed to sun, chlorine and salt water so you want to pick fabric that won’t easily fade. This is essential when you choose fabrics for bathing suits since they are meant to be worn in these conditions.

Asher Fabrics Concepts (AFC) has been an industry leader since it first began in 1991. We are known for our quality contemporary swim and active wear fabrics with an almost unlimited array of options. We supply fashionable fabrics in the latest color and print trends and finishes. We offer proprietary textiles using updated designs and production techniques. We provide a wide range of fabrics to customers large and small.


Swimwear Fabric
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